Tattoo Junkies:

Who's Who

Anna Plummer - Artist & Owner

Anna has been tattooing since 2008 and is confident in all genres of tattooing. She has a flair for lettering and graffiti mixed with bold geometrics to make her own unique style.

Anna loves a challenge from her clients and is happy to work with anybody to create custom designs,something individually suited to that client.

She has also been piercing since 2006, and can and will pierce pretty much anything. She enjoys large piercings such as multiple micro dermal anchors in patterns.


Terri Plummer - Studio Manager

Terri’s works the front of house. Booking appointments, meeting and greeting clients, helping them out with anything tattoo or piercing related that they need to know.


Rayna - Apprentice Tattooist

Rayna has been working at tattoo junkies for over 2 years now so some of you may have seen her around and making cups of tea. She is currently learning to tattoo and has been practicing on pig skin and artificial tattoo skin for the past few months. Her drawing portfolio is strong and she is interested in new school art with bold line work and bright colour. When she makes the leap from rubber to skin be sure to keep an eye out she's an up and coming star.