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Bad Tattoo Benidorm

I have just arrived home from a lovely sunny holiday in Spain. Whilst there I saw some amazing things, brilliant architecture, beautiful animals, breath taking sites but some god dam aweful tattoos.

As the place filled up over the weekend with British holiday makers of stag and hen party's I started to see man after man with the same exact (shit may I add ) tattoo. Sleeve after sleeve if the same thing ... Badly drawn angels with a pocket watch and clouds, very dodgy clouds. Firstly it amused me that I kept seeing the same style of sleeve over and over but some time passed and it annoyed me slightly. Why have these people got no imagination to come up with something individual? Why have they decided to be a sheep and follow what everyone else has? Why have the not done any research on tattooists so they can end up with beautiful artwork rather that a half arsed effort?

Then I started to blame the tattooer a that did the appalling jobs ... Do they not feel a responsibility to give people a bit of input so they walk out of there shop with a master piece that everyone pays attention to for the right reasons.

I did however meet a charming man that had done just that. Done his research and taken time to come up with something totally unique. He sported a huge Buddha back piece done exquisitely. He told me he went into many tattoo shop and talked to artists til one tattooist Paul fricker came up with something that suited his vision perfectly.

I am grateful that some people can get it right. Please I urge you do you research on tattooists before you commit or you could be the next bad tattoo in benidorm.

The Saga of The Missing Bag

So me and terri set off to Manchester tattoo show. Packed up the car with the mountains of equipment that we need as well as all the booth decorations, banner, goodies ect ect. I had all my tattoo machine in a rucksack witch almost never leaves my side. Terri said just as I locked the door "there's your bag ... Don't forget it" and off we went an hour and a half up the motorway. We pulled in to the hotel where we were staying for the next 2 days and started to unpack the car. "Where's your bag Anna?" ... Oh dear nowhere to be found!!

So the horror began. How was I supposed to tattoo at a busy tattoo show without a tattoo machine. What an idiot. I called home and there my bag was, just sat in the sofa, stuffed with all my essentials.

Mark to the rescue made a swift drop by to my house and collected them and hurried them over to Manchester the following morning and saved the day. Superman ya might call him. Now 19 tattoos later it am pretty glad to have been reunited with my bag.

Thank you all you lovely people who got tattooed at Manchester.

Our Expanding Team

Tattoo junkies has gained some new more permanent additions already this year. We give a warm welcome to mark Johnson who has joined us as another tattoo artist. He's a very friendly and talented guy.

Our Second new member of the team is Rayna. most of the regular customers already know Rayna from making you cups of tea and cleaning up my mess wether it be at the studio or out on the road, but if you haven't already been introduced I thought now should be as good a time as any. Rayna will be knocking around the shop to deal with your requests and answer any questions you may have about tattoos, piercings, designs, booking in and after care.

While we are on the subject of expanding teams. I have recently been invited you join jungle tattoo supplies and become a sponsored artist. So I am now a proud member of TEAM JUNGLE!

2014 - A Fantastic Year!

We draw near to the end if yet another fabulous year at tattoo junkies. I want to take this time to say thank you to all my customers who have gotten tattooed by me this year, to everyone who has stopped by my booth at a tattoo show and said hi, to everyone who has purchased anything from us at tattoo junkies. I would also like to say a huge thank you to Abstract Dave (Dave Caroll) for giving me a gentle yet firm push in the right direction and introducing me to the right kinda people.

2015 will see the start of something new! From January till march I am offering to do a black and grey celebrity portrait (of my choice) for FREE on any willing victim, every Tuesday! If this interests you please email me on the usual address.

We have the talented cathy sue coming from Wrexham to guest with us and also Craig mercer from Edinburgh at the beginning of the year. Hopefully many many more to add to that list.

So guys my diary is well and truly open for 2015 get booked in and let's do something special.

Sheffield Tattoo Show 2014

Sheffield Tattoo Show saw the first ever competition pieces entered by tattoo junkies. I manned up and decided this was the right time to get my work out there and face the critique.

It went extremely well. On the Saturday I entered the small colour category and the judges seemed very happy with it. Although I didn't win lots if people were complementing me on the tattoo I made and it felt great. On the Sunday I entered the small black and grey category with a hand piece on my friend Neil. Again I didn't win but as this is my first competition I didn't expect to I just wanted to get noticed and I feel I accomplished that. Happy days!!

Tattoo Jam 2014-The other side of the booth

This year for the first time I worked tattoo jam at Doncaster. Tattoo jam is the biggest uk based tattoo convention of the year and also hosts the skin deep industry awards. I was asked this year to tattoo at the convention, so I obviously said YES!

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That Tattoo Itch

I’ve got the itch! That tattoo itch that can only be scratched by going under the needle. All you tattoo junkies out there know exactly what I feel like. The adrenalin starts to flow when you hear that buzzzz from the machine, sweaty palms and a racing heart... There’s nothing quite like that pleasurable pain of a tattoo.

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Ink For Heroes

As you will all know by now were are never bothered about rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in when it comes to raising money for charity. Well we took a road trip to York this week for INK FOR HEROES who donate the money raised from the event to Help For Heroes charity.

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Happy Birthday!

We have had our studio open a whole year and business is going well! In a year we have achieved alot... Tattoo conventions, tattoo magazines, setting up a clothing line, shared artwork with amazing tattoo artists, but the best bit has to be tattooing all you wonderful people. Without you we wouldn’t have been here a year and been successful so for this I thank you.

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Cancer Awareness

Statistics say that one in 3 of us will get some kind of cancer at some point in our lives and no doubt everybody knows someone who has lost a loved one to the big c! All the time we get people who walk through our door wanting remembrance tattoos or cancer ribbon tattoos, it helps people to heal there mental and emotional wounds sometimes.

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Muay Thai Junkies!

We are very proud to announce that we now sponsor our very own little superstar Muay Thai fighter Lewis “TWITCH” Daykin!

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Stretching The Truth

I have recently encountered a lot of people wanting to stretch ears, and we do sell a lot of plugs and tunnels in our studio and online that are designed to be worn for fashionable use and not as a long term piece of jewellery and definatly not to stretch with.

Although I have stretched ear and have been piercing for a number of years, I asked a piercer friend of mine for an in depth guide to stretching to help all you guys out! I am sure if you follow her wise words you won’t go far wrong ... She knows what she’s talking about.

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Tattoo Freeze 2014 Report

The first tattoo convention of 2014 and Tattoo Junkies were there, all set up and ready to ink. And ink we did!

We started off the year with a bang (fully booked up for tattoo freeze). Once the stand was set up displaying all our goodies including art work, prints, our t shirts and vests, sketchbooks and lots and lots of stickers we got to work with the tattooing.

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Tattoo Junkies on the Road

Tattoo Freeze here we come! We are pleased to announce that we will be working the skin deep tattoo show "tattoo freeze" in Telford international centre on the 12th of January 2014!

There will be a lot of awesome stuff to look forward to. From us you can expect bespoke tattoos, limited edition tattoo prints, kick as t shirts and loads and loads of FREE stickers and sweets and maybe a few surprises.

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