Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to us

Happy birthday to us

Happy birthday Tattoo Junkies

Happy birthday to us!

We have had our studio open a whole year and business is going well! In a year we have achieved a lot... Tattoo conventions, tattoo magazines, setting up a clothing line, shared artwork with amazing tattoo artists, but the best bit has to be tattooing all you wonderful people.

Without you we wouldn’t have been here a year and been successful so for this I thank you.

So to celebrate we threw a party for out loyal customer to come and enjoy themselves, let their hair down, stuff their faces and get a bit drunk as well as talk ink.

But just because its all going well doesn’t mean we can just sit back and enjoy the ride.... Oh no!! We want to bring you bigger and better stuff for Tattoo Junkies year number 2. More shows, awesome clothes and better tatts!