Cancer Awareness


Statistics say that one in 3 of us will get some kind of cancer at some point in our lives and no doubt everybody knows someone who has lost a loved one to the big c! All the time we get people who walk through our door wanting remembrance tattoos or cancer ribbon tattoos, it helps people to heal there mental and emotional wounds sometimes.

Well recently cancer has struck a blow to the Tattoo Junkies family and spurred us on to help raise a bit of cash to help cancer charities to either find a cure and also help and give care to the people who suffer with cancer.

We are getting on our running shoes and doing the race for life and we hope all our tattoo junkies will sponsor us ... Every little helps.

I will also be doing one large cancer related tattoo a month and donating the money raised to a different cancer charity each time. How this works is I will draw up a design and you can bid on it via Facebook. The highest bidder gets the tattoo and all money raised will go directly to charity.

Thought it was time to do our bit to help.