That tattoo Itch!


I’ve got the itch! That tattoo itch that can only be scratched by going under the needle. All you tattoo junkies out there know exactly what I feel like. The adrenalin starts to flow when you hear that buzzzz from the machine, sweaty palms and a racing heart... There’s nothing quite like that pleasurable pain of a tattoo.

I had to scratch my itch so booked my self in with the legendary Gold Frank from Brotherhood tattoo in Leeds, to go under the old buzz machine and get my neck tattooed.

Gold Frank is a perfect gent and an awesome artist and 2 hours later I emerged from his swanky shop with 2 beasty new neck tattoos. This should have safely got rid of my urge to get inked at least for a while ... But it didn’t! I just want more, so later that day I booked again for another.

What can I say ... Tattoo Junkie by name ... Tattoo Junkie by nature!!