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Wise Words

A Pound Of Flesh

Recently I have come across a product on the industry market called “a pound of flesh”. It is designed to help apprentice artists build up skills on something as close to the human form as possible. “A.P.O.F” is a silicone hand or arm, made with all the bumps and grooves of human flesh, in actual size.

Although its intended purpose is for apprentices, a lot of talented artists have been buying them and using them as a 3d, life like portfolio. So naturally I jumped on the band wagon and got myself one.

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Trick or Treat!

I love Halloween. It is that time of year where you can get your war paint on and do all things creepy. Me and Terri dressed up for the occasion to scare the customers.

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A Warning

Earlier on this week a young girl and an older woman came in to my studio asking me if I wanted to buy some designs from her as she liked to draw and wondered if I could use any of her drawings as tattoo designs.

I usually always draw everything myself but gave her the benefit of the doubt and looked through her folder, I politely complemented her on her pencil drawings skills and asked her she had sold any before.

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A Tattoo Fan's Paradise

Tattoo Jam. For any tattoo lover it was the place to be! Fabulous art, innovative tattooing, hard rock music, in trend graffiti, and awesome stuff to buy and find out about.

Personally, I look forward to it every year, I book my ticket and race to be one of the first in line to have fun and get inked! I love walking through those doors to the buzz of 300 tattoo machines.

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